the Difficult choice

The Ring ..
its the Chemical ring of the Love formula .. Its the existence of the CHEMISTRY between You and her .
its the O of the word LOVE .. Its your wish to be with her forever .. in One ring .. forever and for always .
its the jewel you hold in your hand , while being on your knees .. saying .. Haay , i wanna someone sharing me all my dreams and plans .. Would you mind to be my life .. Would you mind being my wife


AHMAD said...

ايه الاحساسات العاليه دي يا طنطاوي

اول مره اخد بالي انك واد حسيس كده

اوعي تكون اتهفيت وناوي تعملها وتتجوز

تحياتي يا رفيق

Dr. Tantawy said...


لأ يا عم ولا اتهفيت ولا حاجه

ده كلام الواحد بيقولو في ساعه صفا هههه

tota said...

It is so romantic words

But I wonder why no Egyptian guy when he ask such request never be on his knee
Always setting on the chair putting leg over leg and giving marriage proposal as if he
is making purchasing order !

It is so romantic also?


Egiziana in US said...

Friendship, love and marriage. What is the correct order? Some people believe that love comes after marriage. Others believe that you shouldn't get married without falling in love first. What do you think?

Dr. Tantawy said...

** tota
thanks tota .. well if the girl was good enough with a guy , he wont leave any way to satisfy her feelings and needs .. even being on his knees ... but dont ask him to be that good while girls are humiliating him all the time depening on his love , thats what i think ..
thats why i think i would be on my knees when i found that suitable girl :) as she must be worth it sure

thanks for ur nice comments tota .

** egizina

what am sure of , is that love should be the base of marriage .. well thats my biggest fear at all :)) .. mmm .. do u know something , i just think about wife as a 2/3 life .. you just spend about 20-25 years with ur family .. and all of us know how mush conflicts and troubles occur during these years .. while u spend about 50 years average with ur wife .. so .. she must be totaly matching u .. so ,dont tell me that u can marry someone and wait the result of loving him after that while u will spend all these yeares with him !!

Anonymous said...

hmm..it's so romantic!!

but I am afraid the ring box will be jack-in-the box instead LoooL!!

Kidding))) :D

soosa el-mafroosa said...

يعني نقول مبروك والا ايه؟

Dr. Tantawy said...

** epitaph
sooo funny :P waiting to c ur wedding gurl ..

** soosa
لا مبروك ولا نيله :)) انا مضرب عن الجواز

arab girlscool said...

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